Saturday, January 1, 2011

Los Caminos - St. Louis, MO

Saturday, January 22, 8-11pm
a one-night event

Los Caminos presents Head Over Heels: Sharky’s First Love, a one night event organized by Maggie Ginestra and Amelia Colette Jones. Uniting their interest in popular cult icons and contemporary rites of passage, the artists will transform Los Caminos into a place both strange and familiar, a place in which viewers simultaneously become spectators and participants.

Sharky fell in love. Sharky fell in love first. Sharky collected. We arranged his collection because it was prettier. Was it prettier because it was first?

We’re not too shy to wait for the party, or for our date to arrive. And if you waited with us—how would you? And for whom?

We hope to circumnavigate our favorite certainties about contemporary ritual (i.e. prom), obsession (i.e. celebrities), exhibition (i.e. prom), performance (i.e. prom), persona (i.e. celebrities), and celebrities (i.e. prom).

Head Over Heels: Sharky’s First Love is an unfixed meditation on tenderness and the gaze of desire, as well as an invitation to alter that gaze through duration.

Maggie Ginestra and Amelia Colette Jones are in love with how Sharky loves. You might even say they are head over heels. Maggie and Amelia earned MFAs from Washington University in poetry and studio art respectively and have since collaborated on a number of exhibitions and programs. In February 2010, they founded Sloup, St. Louis's soup dinner for the arts, earning a MasterMind award from the Riverfront Times shortly thereafter. In August 2010, Maggie and Amelia exhibited together in This is Where I Have: An Intimate Display at Fort Gondo. Originally from Texas, Amelia has exhibited extensively throughout St. Louis. Her work is currently on view in a window installation at Pig Slop Studios. Hailing from Florida, Maggie has recently had poems published in Super Arrow, Thermos, and Drunken Boat. Amelia used to work with Sharky. Maggie rode a train with him to Chicago once.